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The Brink Election Guide is for experienced and first time voters, built with accessible technology to make democracy available to everyone!

Your personal voter guide

Democracy First Information

Choose how you vote, then make informed decisions with ballot and candidate info using our step-by-step guides for the entire voting process.

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A phone mockup of the Brink app Ballot feature.

Simplicity & Privacy

See every deadline and know when, where, and how to vote by mail or in-person. Plus, we are a nonpartisan nonprofit and you are 100% anonymous!

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Accessibility First Design

You have the right to vote! Find instant support for voting questions or issues at the polls. Brink is your accessible election resource.

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Built with Amazing Partners

We’re working with over twenty-five amazing organizations to make voting more accessible

"Brink will absolutely help people with disabilities, but I also see all Americans benefiting from their work."

Tammy Duckworth
U.S. Senator

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