The Accessible Voting App

The Brink Election Guide helps you every step of the voting journey, so you can make your vote count.

A phone mockup of the Brink app Accessibility features.

Brink Election Guide Features

Checklists guide your voting process

Keep track of your entire voting process with our simple voting checklists. From registration, to researching candidates, learning your voting rights, what to bring to the booth, and more!

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A phone mockup of the Brink app Ballot feature.

Preview your ballot

See every race, research every candidate, and favorite your choices. When you get to the booth? Just pull up your favorites list!

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Instant help and support

We're always here to help. Get access to local support resources, use our pre-written scripts to ensure you get your ballot, and learn where to find accessible polling machines.

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Built For Accessibility

We're striving to exceed the highest accessibility standards.

Optimized for low-vision and color blindness

Brink is specially designed for those with additional visual needs.

Easy comprehension

Everything is written in simple, easy-to-understand language with little legal jargon for greater comprehension.

Built for readability

Brink uses fonts designed to help improve readability.

Leverages the work of giants

Integrates with a host iOS and Android accessibility features like zooming and text re-sizing.

Keeps dexterity in mind

Buttons, navigations and activation zones are larger and easier to tap.

Made for a screen reader

We've designed and built all of our content to be used by screen readers like VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android).